“How are you holding up?”

“How are you guys holding up?” Since we can’t fundraise the way we are used to, I’ve had to find some new ways to encourage more donations. I have had a pretty fun time digging around our donor database system. Prior to this year, I knew enough to be dangerous. I could look up donations from years past and identify …

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Seeking Employment during a Pandemic

Written By: Madison Taylor Beginning to look for a job after graduation can be stressful enough… throwing a pandemic into the mix just adds to the difficulty of landing one. With lockdowns beginning in March when most students are in the thick of seeking out and applying for jobs, things became increasingly tricky as businesses switched to working remotely. Suddenly …

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Fundraising During a Pandemic

fundraising during pandemic

Jess Rine – Executive Director of the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley If you would have told me in 2019 that in 2020, there would be a toilet paper shortage, everyone would be wearing masks, and people would finally be washing their hands religiously, I wouldn’t have believed it.  And those aren’t even the strangest things that have happened …

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