Agencies Catholic Charities Wheeling, West Virginia

Catholic Charities WV

Contact Information:

Address: 125 18th St
Wheeling, WV

Name of Programs Funded through UW: Emergency Assistance / Case Management

Contact Name: Mark Phillips, Northern Regional Director

Phone Number: 304-232-7157



What is Catholic Charities?

Catholic Charities WV collaborates with community partners, parishes, and families to provide caring and compassionate services to people in need. CCWV works toward lasting and meaningful change. Additionally, Catholic Charities West Virginia is the largest private social service provider in the state, serving more than 25,000 people each year. Outreach programs and services in rural and populated communities help these people. The agency is fiscally and administratively self-governing, with executive offices in Wheeling and 12 program offices throughout WV. Professional staff that lives in the communities they serve manage these offices. Services are funded through a variety of sources, including:

  • congregations and community organizations
  • state contracts
  • United Way agencies
  • corporate and foundation grants
  • and individual donors

The agency’s sound management of an $11 million budget results in more than 90% of every $1 going directly to outreach services and programs.

How does United Way support Catholic Charities?

The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley helps fund Emergency Financial Assistance and Case Management at the Neighborhood Center in Wheeling, WV.

Founded in 1969, the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center is a comprehensive social service center located in Wheeling that serves individuals and families in Ohio, Marshall, and Belmont (OH) counties. The Center also runs several anti-hunger programs, including a food pantry, meals served on-site, and meals delivered to shut-ins throughout Wheeling. The Neighborhood Center also assists those facing utility shut-offs and helps obtain official documents like birth certificates and state IDs.

The Center also offers a Case Management program in which families work with staff to identify barriers or obstacles on the path to self-sufficiency. After that, they set goals and action steps to overcome those barriers. Moreover, case Management furthers the mission of Catholic Charities West Virginia by:

  • providing comprehensive social services to the poor and vulnerable and
  • confirms the agency’s dedication and commitment to reducing poverty

Above all, Catholic Charities supports the client with guidance and additional services as they face setbacks and successes on the path to realizing their goals.

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About the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley

The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley supports Ohio County, Tyler County, Marshall County, Wetzel County, Brooke County in West Virginia, and Belmont County and Monroe County in Ohio. Donating through your local United Way is the best way to reach the most people in need. 

The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley is an organization that supports nonprofit organizations in our area through annual campaigns, payroll deduction fundraising efforts, and individual donations. These community-minded people combine donations from employees and businesses alike to help assist those who need it most. The support from the annual campaign is then allocated to nonprofit programs through our volunteer allocations panels. We support 40 programs (and counting) in the upper Ohio Valley that tackle the toughest needs in the Ohio Valley. Consider giving to the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley today.


Community Success Stories

Check out the following Community Success Stories for examples of how Catholic Charities Wheeling, West Virginia has impacted our community.

“…They had recently arrived from New York via a Greyhound bus and didn’t have anything to eat or any place to go…”

Late after a Friday staff meeting – after all the neighbors at the Neighborhood Center had left – a family of six knocked on the locked front door. They had recently arrived from New York via a Greyhound bus and didn’t have anything to eat or any place to go. We were able to work with our community partners to find temporary housing for them until we could do more in-depth case management th ...

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Everything was against her, but she never gave up.

A young woman, L, was referred to us in the fall by a local university for services. She had been in an abusive relationship, was left homeless, dropped out of college, and was living at the YWCA. She came to us for services related to Case Management. In addition to suffering from PTSD from a long-lasting abusive relationship, she had also suffered childhood abuse and was battling an eating disor ...

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“Don came to the Neighborhood Center while sleeping in his van.”

Don came to the Neighborhood Center while sleeping in his van. He had fallen on extremely hard times after a job loss and considerable health concerns, and was unable to qualify for many services because of not having proper identification. He came to the Center during the winter for a hot meal and a shower, and with the hope of getting a new ID. While there, he learned more about our case managem ...

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Assistance In A Time Of Need

Our Weirton office received a desperate call from a single father who was trying to make ends meet since being laid off from his job with the oil and gas industry. A few months ago he was making great money, paying off debt, and supporting his son independently through that income. Unfortunately, as frequently happens with the oil and gas industry, he was laid off because a job was completed earli ...

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Loving Help Provided

"Recently, a frantic son contacted us about help for his disabled father, Steve, who was living alone in Brooke County. The son, who resided in Youngstown, OH, was unable to help his father physically or financially, but hoped that Catholic Charities might be able to provide the support he could not. Because Steve was an amputee with no transportation, our Case Manager set up a home visit in order ...

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“We assured her that we would support her through anything…”

"Peter 4 years old, and his sister Ali 7 months old, are just two of the many children that walk through the doors of the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center. Within the past year, their mother Erica, had fallen on hard times when her mother, and primary support system, had passed away and the house was repossessed by the bank. She moved into an area homeless shelter for several months. They fo ...

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A Warm Home and Much More

"Kayla, Jeremy, and their four children (ages 2-13 years old) have resided in our Hospitality House. Late last year, they fell on hard times with job loss and the loss of familial support. Both parents eventually found themselves sleeping in a car and trying to have their four children couch surf at various friends’ homes. However, through connections with Kayla’s cooking background, she was ...

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