Community Success Stories Loving Help Provided

“Recently, a frantic son contacted us about help for his disabled father, Steve, who was living alone in Brooke County. The son, who resided in Youngstown, OH, was unable to help his father physically or financially, but hoped that Catholic Charities might be able to provide the support he could not. Because Steve was an amputee with no transportation, our Case Manager set up a home visit in order to better assist him.

Upon entering the home, our Case Manager couldn’t believe that Steve was able to live in such conditions – the house was frigid with only a single, small electric heater running. We were able to not only pay for his expensive heating oil to be replaced, we also registered him for our Home Care program to fulfill essential duties like cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene. Steve and his son were extremely grateful for the loving help Catholic Charities provided.”

-WV Catholic Charities