Community Success Stories “We assured her that we would support her through anything…”

“Peter 4 years old, and his sister Ali 7 months old, are just two of the many children that walk through the doors of the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center. Within the past year, their mother Erica, had fallen on hard times when her mother, and primary support system, had passed away and the house was repossessed by the bank. She moved into an area homeless shelter for several months. They found their way to the Neighborhood Center, and after some convincing, Erica decided to enroll in our Case Management program.

Over the course of several months, we provided the family with immediate assistance needs –diapers, formula, clothing, food, and more. Additionally, Erica set goals for her and her family and began meeting them through weekly and sometimes daily, visits with our Case Manager. However, over the course of her time in case management, Erica experienced complications from the birth of her daughter. She was in need of surgery and panicked about how she would care for her children in a shelter that required they leave a 7:00 a.m. every day. We assured her that we would support her through anything. By partnering with other agencies, we were able to secure comfortable lodging and in-home childcare for a few weeks, so that she could be with her family while she properly recuperated.

Because of Erica’s own dedication and the support of our Case Management program, Erica is now working, the family is living together in a secure and safe apartment, all while still receiving budgeting assistance and emotional support from our Case Manager. When Erica lost her mother, she felt alone and isolated. Now, she visits the Neighborhood Center often, just to check in and say hello to our staff – who she considers her adopted family.”

– WV Catholic Charities