Community Success Stories Everything was against her, but she never gave up.

A young woman, L, was referred to us in the fall by a local university for services. She had been in an abusive relationship, was left homeless, dropped out of college, and was living at the YWCA. She came to us for services related to Case Management. In addition to suffering from PTSD from a long-lasting abusive relationship, she had also suffered childhood abuse and was battling an eating disorder. Our Case Manager learned of these things as she worked to gain L’s trust, and before beginning to focus on goals and referrals. The two met on a weekly basis, and eventually L accepted the offer of a bus pass to get her to counseling sessions with a licensed psychologist. She also began setting goals that included obtaining permanent housing, securing a job, and enrolling back into school. After a few months of hard work and financial assistance from Catholic Charities, L moved into her own apartment. She also re-enrolled as a full-time student, continued to meet weekly with a counselor, and interviewed at several places for part-time work. Our Case Manager looks forward to supporting L as she continues to make strides toward obtaining all of her goals.


-Catholic Charities of WV