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750 Main St., Wheeling, WV …304.232.4810
Serves individuals who are legally blind and visually impaired by providing information and referral rehab services, career and vocational training, job opportunities and social services.

Community Success Stories

Check out the following Community Success Stories for examples of how Seeing Hand Association has impacted our community.

The Seeing Hand Association Helps The Community

In November I attended the United Way agency meeting and spoke of my concern for one of my workers who had a severe mold problem in her home. I was trying to determine how we could help, when a man decided to take a look at the home on behalf of his company. After looking at her home, it was determined that it needed $20,000 to $30,000 in mold remediation and then that much in additional repairs t ...

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Achieving His Goals

It is hard to comprehend that we hire employees and train them only to hope they can find a better job in the future.  I was reminded of this last week.  Dan worked at The Seeing Hand for years as a shop tech.  He has a degree in Criminal Justice and is working on his masters.  He had plans to be the lead for our extinguisher project.  Dan worked with the Department of Rehabilitative Services ...

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The Seeing Hand Association Help Visually Impaired

Imagine being born blind and never getting to see a sunset, comprehend the color red or see the face of your wife. These are the real circumstances for one of our part-time shop techs. In addition to the loss of vision, now imagine facing an unemployment rate of 70% and a lack of transportation to get to the workplace. The struggles are real for a blind person and if The Seeing Hand Association di ...

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“A recent hire was a paralegal with a successful career and lovely home.”

A recent hire was a paralegal with a successful career and lovely home. In 2014 she had strokes in the back of her retinas. This caused a severe loss of vision and a diagnosis of legally blind. She could no longer drive or see well enough to continue with her career. Because of this health crisis she was forced to sell her house. She moved to Colorado with her boyfriend but decided returning to Wh ...

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Angel Volunteer

"About a year ago we had a gentleman stop into our agency looking for volunteer opportunities. He is an educated adult who has a degree in economics. He lives in the Elm Grove area of Wheeling with his wife. He is both visually impaired and hearing impaired. He worked many years in the field of computer engineering. He came to see us because he was losing his sight due to macular degeneration. Thi ...

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Employment and So Much More

"We had a case worker refer a client to us back in 1992. He still is an active client and employee of The Seeing Hand. This client resides in Rayland, Oh with his mother because he needs supervision and care. He is totally blind and has been since he was about 8 or 9 years old. He was diagnosed with retinal disease which caused massive scars in the retina. He also has other developmental disabilit ...

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