Community Success Stories Achieving His Goals

It is hard to comprehend that we hire employees and train them only to hope they can find a better job in the future.  I was reminded of this last week.  Dan worked at The Seeing Hand for years as a shop tech.  He has a degree in Criminal Justice and is working on his masters.  He had plans to be the lead for our extinguisher project.  Dan worked with the Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) and expressed to them he had a desire to better his career options and make more money.  Through much determination he found a job at a Community College in Utica, NY as a disability advocate.  He moved to Utica with his service dog Mickey and lives in his own apartment.

Last week I went to Charleston to attend an awards ceremony because Dan was the DRS client of the year for the Wheeling district.  We think the years he spent at The Seeing Hand taught him a good work ethic and the patience and fortitude to press forward and go for his goals and dreams.  As a business it makes no sense to train our best employees to only encourage them to move on but that is our goal; to make as many of them as possible, independent and financially secure.  Dan is a true success story!

-Seeing Hand Association