Community Success Stories The Seeing Hand Association Helps The Community

In November I attended the United Way agency meeting and spoke of my concern for one of my workers who had a severe mold problem in her home. I was trying to determine how we could help, when a man decided to take a look at the home on behalf of his company. After looking at her home, it was determined that it needed $20,000 to $30,000 in mold remediation and then that much in additional repairs to make it livable again. At this point we realized that we were going to have to find her a new place to live. Normally, The Seeing Hand is mainly focused on employment and programs but this situation truly had a potential health hazard that needed resolved. Miss D did not have family or a support system, so The Seeing Hand and other United Way agencies started working together to help her. She literally had to leave everything she owned behind. The YWCA gave her new clothes and shoes. The Salvation Army of Belmont County invited Miss D to come to their warehouse and pick out household items. Youth Services System’s free store offered items. Information Helpline went to work getting an application to help her with rent. Many organizations such as the Warwood Lions Club and her church gave cash donations. Many other individuals gave furniture, dishes, pot and pans, etc. After much hard work, $1,190 in cash donations and many items donated, she now had a completely furnished new apartment. The director, workers of The Seeing Hand, and volunteers worked very hard to move everything into her apartment. They assembled the bed and microwave stand, picked up and moved in the furniture, hung pictures and curtains, and organized the kitchen and bathroom. It was truly a labor of love from 24 different people and organizations. Without the help from The Seeing Hand and all of the support of the community, she would have had to live in an unhealthy environment. The more we review what we do the more we realize that we at The Seeing Hand serves the needs of the entire or “whole” person. While we serve all of the areas of the United Way’s mission of health, education, and financial stability, we realize we also are like family to our workers, in addition to providing basic needs.

-The Seeing Hand Association