Community Success Stories Tri-County Help Center Helps Family along with many other organizations!

We’re sharing success stories from UW member organizations who are demonstrating excellent care for our community members.


This one comes from Tri-County Help Center:

A mother with five children entered the shelter in January to escape a Domestic Violence situation.  Shelter Advocates were quickly able to assist the client in meeting their immediate needs, such as shelter, food, and clothing.  With the help of other community agencies, such as The Gabriel Project and the YWCA Women’s Boutique the family was able to get much-needed items.  The client had expressed the need for legal advocacy and legal aid for a possible Civil Protection Order and Divorce.  Shelter staff worked with TCHC Legal advocate to assist with reaching out to legal aid.  The client expressed wanting to seek counseling for her and her two oldest daughters.  The shelter staff was quick to get her set up with appointments with a TCHC counselor.  While at the shelter, shelter staff coordinated schedules to see that the children could make it to after-school events.  The client had expressed to staff that her husband had left their home and that she wished to return.  She had the complication of having to secure funds for back rent.  The shelter Case Manager provided the client with resources such as the CAC of Belmont and the Salvation Army to potentially help with her back rent.  The shelter client had decided to exit and signed up for Shelter After Care.

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