Community Success Stories Transportation Mobility

“At Russell Nesbitt Services, Inc., a variety of ages, diagnoses, and skill sets are served. However, as the years go on, we are finding ourselves serving an aging population in a society in which there are limited services for someone that is both aged and developmentally disabled.

Within the past year, we have seen two of our clients drastically decline in health and mobility. Currently, one client continues to be able to walk with the assistance of his walker and staff, however, he is expected to continue to decline in his ability to bear his own weight . The second client became very ill and, after a week in the hospital, discovered that he was completely unable to bear his own weight even with assistance.

Russell Nesbitt Services, Inc. purchased equipment for his home so that he could remain in our care for as long as possible, as he had already been with is for twenty three years and had become more like family that one of our clients. A bedside commode, Hoyer Lift, and hospital bed were purchased and placed in his home to assist with his daily care. However, because he was unable to bear any weight it was impossible for him to get into our vehicles to be transported to medical appointments or to be able to go out into the community.

After several discussions with the Board of Directors, Russell Nesbitt Services, Inc. was able to purchase a handicap accessible van. United Way funding assures that he is able to go to all of his medical appointments, including essential weekly wound care to address pressure ulcers that were obtained during his stay in the hospital. Additionally, the client can still go out into the community to enjoy the things that he used to—such as Pizza Hut’s buffet and shopping with his staff. The handicap accessible van will also be utilized for our other clients as they decline in health and mobility to ensure that we are always providing the best services and striving to improve quality of life as much as possible.”

– Russell Nesbitt Services