Community Success Stories “The baby is sleeping in a box, but has outgrown it.”

A new client came into our Marshall County office and asked our volunteer whether or not we had cribs for sale. She had heard from the local DHHR office that we helped get cribs for babies. The volunteer replied “yes”, and then asked if the baby had been born yet. The woman replied, “Yes, in January.” When the volunteer asked what the baby was currently sleeping in, the woman replied, “The baby is sleeping in a box, but has outgrown it. I’m afraid the bottom may fall out when I try to pick him up”. Our volunteer said we would be happy to help and explained our procedure. The volunteer stated that she could take the crib and new mattress with her that day if she had transportation and someone to help load it. The young mother was thrilled and immediately contacted her boyfriend who had a truck. She said that he would be down to the site when he was off work. The young mother asked if he could come down later in the week and the volunteer agreed to meet the boyfriend at a time convenient to him. The young mother stayed at our Moundsville site and had the opportunity to “shop” for other baby items in our Gabriel Room. She also explained that she needed diapers and asked if we could help with wipes. We learned that this young mother and father had recently moved here as the baby’s father worked for the pipe liners. The young mother had never expected to receive the warm welcome that she did from our volunteers in West Virginia. She explained that they have lived in other states following the work and had not always been so well received. Our volunteer explained that we are here to help and to provide her with things her baby needed. This young mother continues to come each month as needed to get diapers, wipes and clothing. She has told us that the crib is beautiful and she is thankful for all our help. Our volunteers expressed our appreciation that things are going well and how much we appreciate seeing the baby grow.


-Gabriel Project of WV