Community Success Stories “She truly is a picture of what hope and support can do for a child who has been through trauma.”

S is a 17-year-old female who came to Harmony House, a United Way agency, from Wheeling, WV. She was removed from her home approximately 8 months ago for sexual abuse by a family member, as well as emotional and physical abuse by both of her biological parents. She was referred for a forensic interview by Child Protective Services and brought to Harmony House by an adult sibling. The Child and Family Advocate greeted them at the door and discussed Harmony House’s policies and procedures. A Forensic Interview was completed and attended by Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services. The Multidisciplinary Team recommended follow up mental health counseling and a sexual assault exam by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). The SANE exam was completed at Reynold’s Memorial Hospital, WVU Medicine, in Glen Dale, WV. She was referred to Harmony House for trauma focused therapy. Her CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) worker encouraged S to begin therapy. Currently, S has been attending individual therapy at Harmony House for several months related to her trauma experiences. She had difficulty at first being open about her experiences, and her feelings in general, but eventually became more comfortable. She is an excellent role model to her peers, maintaining a near perfect GPA, perfect attendance, and maintaining a part time job. She also assists her older sister in the care of her nephew. She has a positive, funny attitude, and would be described as resilient and strong. She also has an honest attitude and does not like to be described as a victim or survivor. She was asked to be a part of the Save The Children Journey of Hope Teen Group at Harmony House to demonstrate and discuss her positive coping skills and ways in which she handles her experiences. Sarah, since coming to Harmony House Children’s Advocacy, has expressed becoming better at utilizing feeling words, and expressing her emotions to others she is close with. She has taught the other peers in the group what it means to be leader and how to be resilient despite whatever experiences you have been through. S will continue to attend individual therapy and also continue utilizing the services at Harmony House. She truly is a picture of what hope and support can do for a child who has been through trauma.


-Harmony House