Community Success Stories A New Smile

Holly is the mother of two who recently completed a recovery program and subsequent sober living program. She has regained custody of her children, secured permanent housing and got a job with the local division of a national distribution company. She is leading a healthy and productive life, but her methamphetamine abuse took a toll on her teeth and overall oral health. She wanted a smile to reflect her new outlook on life. She became a medical and dental patient of Wheeling Health Right. Our dental clinic coordinator/hygienist and dental assistant worked extensively with Holly and her new supervisor, who was amenable to flexing Holly’s schedule at work to accommodate her extensive oral health care needs. WVU dental students, oral surgery and prosthodontic students all worked as a team to advance Holly’s progress along the continuum. This quarter, Holly received her new dentures and now has a renewed outlook on life- and so many accomplishments to smile about!


-Wheeling Health Right