Posted in News on April 19, 2019 Difficult Decisions

Important decisions will be made the week of April 22nd by dedicated volunteers that work and live in our local communities.  The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley has had a successful campaign and it is time to allocate these funds to programs that improve the health, education and financial stability of individuals and families in our Upper Ohio Valley.

The process of “giving away” money is harder than it sounds as some of our veteran volunteers can attest.  We have many agencies that have successful and needed programs that could use the funding.  Through this review process, volunteers are tasked with visiting the agency and hearing the what, why, and how of their[agency] programming in order to decide where donor dollars will be of most benefit.

There are over 50 volunteers tackling this important endeavor and we cannot thank them enough.  We are truly grateful to all those who give their time and talent to help us achieve our mission.  Thank you to the donors as well who’s dollars can make the difference between a child getting proper care so their parents can work, a senior citizen being able to stay in their home with the help of a caretaker, or an under insured man/woman getting necessary medicine.

We hope our community continues to LIVE UNITED.