Community Success Stories When Grandparents Step Up

An older couple came into the office asking if I could help them. I asked what kind of assistance was needed. They told me their electric was about to be shut off for non-payment. Both of them were on a fixed income. There was not enough to pay bills, buy food, and purchase medicine. They also told me they had been awarded custody of their two grandchildren. The children had been removed from the house because the mother was unfit to care for them. The couple was worried about the extra expense of having the grandchildren, but wasn’t going to see them in foster homes. I asked for all the information for the electric bill. I filled out the intake form, called the utility company, and made the pledge to keep the lights on. I also told the couple that I could sign them up for the Christmas food and gifts, for the children. They couldn’t believe all they received for the children for Christmas. They left with tears in their eyes as they carried everything out. Again without the help of the United Way, we at the Salvation Army couldn’t help with all we do.


-The Salvation Army – Moundsville, WV