Community Success Stories “Thank you for finding her …”

“Ms. F, 96 years old, lived alone without neighbors close to her. We delivered meals to her five days per week plus frozen meals for the weekend. Her son lives three states away. When our driver arrived with her meal, she was not in her home but her dog was outside, which was unusual. After seeing her car in a detached garage with the car door open, the driver found Ms. F lying on the ground. She was deceased but she had been alive the day before when the driver delivered the meal. Although this ended tragically, her son thanked us for finding her and staying until emergency personnel arrived. He felt she might not have been found for several days if the driver had not been concerned. He stated he had wanted her to live with him but she refused to leave her home. He called her daily but would not have called her until that evening. He said his mother enjoyed the meals and the brief contact with the driver daily.” – Brooke County Committee on Aging