Community Success Stories Suzanne

“Suzanne is a 57 year old female who resides in Wheeling with her sister and brother-in-law. She has been employed with WATCH for 11 years. She is diagnosed with Mild Mental Retardation and becomes easily frustrated and agitated at times.

When she sees you, she automatically will say “Good Morning,” ask how you are doing. She will always give you a hug to let you know she is happy to see you. She is very personable and enjoys telling you about her day. She enjoys receiving praise from staff for the work she has accomplished.

WATCH transports Suzanne to and from work every day. She has a positive attitude and strong work ethic which helps make her successful with her job. Suzanne works at Liberty Distributors gluing and stapling boxes for windows. She works diligently and sets goals for herself to complete more work than she did the day before.

She has also worked at the WATCH center with the bulk mailing process and packaging screws. No matter which job she is working, she excels and is dedicated to the completion of the job.

WATCH has provided Suzanne with meaningful employment opportunities and she works hard to achieve her own personal goals. She has gained more confidence in her work, especially from having consistency in her daily routines.”

– WATCH – A Division of Russell Nesbitt Services