Community Success Stories “…she felt comfortable enough that she could share her own story of abuse…”

Ten years ago, a now adult woman, attended a Harmony House presentation.  Through the message of the presentation, she felt comfortable enough that she could share her own story of abuse to a staff-person at her school. From that moment things began to change.  Her disclosure was made, criminally prosecuted and she obtained services from Harmony House at that young age.  Upon her discharge from Harmony House services, she was reminded that she could reach out at any point if she needed additional support.  A decade later, with some additional long term trauma issues, she did just that.  During one of her visits, sitting in the waiting area, this survivor also extended an additional piece of information of great importance to both Harmony House and the United Way.  Based on the time period that everything transpired initially, it is believed that the presenter of the presentation that provoked action was likely given by a woman by the name of Kate Stewart.  Kate left Harmony House some time ago but just recently returned to Harmony House as our Community Education Coordinator, a position that was made possible by this year’s United Way allocation.

-Harmony House