Community Success Stories “She could no longer lift her arms to wash and comb her hair.”

Ms. B, I02 years old, lives alone in a senior high rise. She had someone coming twice a month to clean for her and paid her $50 each time for about 4 hours of cleaning per day. She received home delivered lunches from our nutrition program. The person she had cleaning has stopped coming, because she needed more hours of work and Ms. B could not afford it. We have our In­ Home Care Provider going in 3 times per week for 2 hours each day, helping her with personal care (she could no longer lift her arms to wash and comb her hair). We also clean her apartment, do her laundry, fix her a meal for dinner, and do her shopping. She was never married, has no children, and her extended family does not live in the area. She is saving money because she only has to pay the minimum required by the state of $1.50 per hour (for the Lighthouse Program – 6 hours per week for 4 weeks per month= $36). She continues to donate for her home delivered lunches.


-Brooke County Committee On Aging