Community Success Stories Nutrition is Key

“Ms. M, 89 years old, was a very active senior who worked a part-time job until she was 87. After being retired a few months, she became short of breath and was taken to the hospital where they found a large “saddle” blockage (blood clot) in the area that divides off into both lungs. She was hospitalized for several weeks and returned to her home. She lives close to family members who worked and could not be with her during the day. She received home delivered meals and also had Lighthouse staff who came in to help her bathe, dress, and do some light housekeeping in her home. Family members took over in the evenings and on weekends. After approximately two months, she is able to do many of the things she did before but is very appreciative for the care she received. Because of the United Way, she was able to receive the home delivered meals and enjoyed the fresh fruit and vegetables from the Let’s Fresh Start grant.”

– Brooke County Committee on Aging