Community Success Stories Mentoring A Child

C.D. was referred to the Youth Mentoring Network by her grandmother. She was a fifth grader and attended a local¬†elementary school. Her grandmother has custody of C.D. as a result of abuse/neglect. She, her sister and three brothers, all reside with their grandmother in subsidized housing. Neither parent is involved in C.D.’s life. C.D.s grandmother reported that a lot of her family has been involved with the juvenile justice system. Her grandmother is overwhelmed with little support from family, but is trying her best “to do right by her grandchildren.” As the oldest, C.D. helps her grandmother care for her siblings. From the trauma in her life, she struggles with anxiety and requires extra assistance in school.

C.D. was matched with Jill Eddy. They have common interests, like shopping. C.D. displayed anxiety upon the initial meeting. She was quiet, nervous, and said very little in the beginning. Since the match approximately a year ago, the relationship has grown. C.D. has begun to trust Jill. She reaches out to Jill if she is having trouble at home, or if something is worrying her about school. Jill has assisted C.D. with her anxiety and of transitioning to Triadelphia Middle School where she is receiving good grades. Jill encouraged C.D. to sign up for track which she did. They have enjoyed a lot of activities together from swimming, dining out, shopping, to trampoline parks. When C.D. isn’t talking to Jill, she’s facetiming her. This match has provided C.D. the extra support that she needs and also gives her an opportunity to be the young girl that she is.


-Youth Services System