Community Success Stories “I stopped going to the doctor because I couldn’t afford it.”

“When Bill, a recently elected city official turned 26, he aged out of his parents’ health insurance policy. He kept getting sick with multiple ailments. “It was one thing after another and bills started racking up so I stopped going to the doctor because I couldn’t afford it. I chalked it up to just getting older.” He eventually found himself with two abscessed teeth and a severe sinus infection. Bill visited Wheeling Health Right shortly after his election win, because the clinic resides in the ward he represents. During his visit, he jokingly mentioned his abscessed tooth. “In a matter of minutes, I was in the dental chair with a diagnosis and an appointment with an oral surgeon. The entire time I was there, I kept thinking to myself that this was the most compassionate group of folks I had ever met.” Bill has since become a primary care and dental care patient of Wheeling Health Right and is proud to recommend the clinic to others. “I face the same struggles as 95% of people in my ward. I am very relieved on a personal basis to have care available to me that I know I can trust. But now as a councilman, it’s my pleasure and honor to be able to advocate for Health Right, or to refer people who need dental or primary care to them. This clinic is a true asset to our entire community.”

– Wheeling Health Right