Community Success Stories “Grateful that the Salvation Army greeted them with open arms…”

Keeping families is one thing The Salvation Army strives for, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. A couple came to the shelter broken, scared, sad, and ready to give up on life. CPS had custody of their children due to an unfortunate circumstance. After arriving at the shelter they were able to get in contact with CPS and figure out what steps needed to be taken to get their children back. While they were staying at the shelter, they were able to obtain jobs through a local staffing agency. With flexibility they were able to start parenting classes. After a few months of working and saving paychecks, they were able to move into their own apartment. Through the kindness that they were shown they outstretched their arms to a fellow friend who was in the shelter and allowed that person to move in with them. This couple comes by daily to let us know how they are doing. They are very excited that they will begin overnight stays with their children after their next court hearing. They are grateful that The Salvation Army greeted them with open arms instead of shutting the door on them. They are excited that in the next few months they should be fully reunited with their children.


-The Salvation Army-Wheeling, WV