Community Success Stories Easing a Heavy Burden

“The flu season in the winter of 2017-2018 was not just the usual nuisance, it was record breaking. Everywhere you looked, from the news to social media, it was filled with stories of how dangerous this flu season has been, causing several deaths. Most likely almost everyone you know had been knocked down by this year’s strain.

Our local area was saddened by the sudden death of a six year old autistic girl. This tragedy left her family devastated. As if that was not enough pain to endure, just a few days later her father suffered a major stroke and was hospitalized and transported to Pittsburgh, PA where he had to undergo emergency surgery.

The mother of the deceased child and wife of the debilitated man found herself lost. Her husband was the breadwinner of the family while she played the important role of mother and housewife. With her husband hospitalized and no longer bringing in any income, the bills were mounting. On top of that stress she had the daunting task of planning and paying for her daughter’s funeral. Grieving the loss of a child, worrying for the healing of her spouse, and juggling the household responsibilities all fell on this poor woman.

Two of the family’s neighbors came to Information Helpline in search of any available assistance for this grieving family. We were able to give them a gas voucher to take the wife to Pittsburgh to be with her husband during emergency surgery. We were also able to partner with YSS to assist in paying the family’s utility bills. Information Helpline paid the $700.00 electric bill to stop disconnection of services while YSS paid the gas and water bill – $852.00 total.

Through these small acts of kindness, Information Helpline was able to help ease the heavy burden in some way for this family in their difficult time of loss.”

– Information Helpline