Community Success Stories Before Care Program

“One family that uses our Before-Care service is a teacher for Marshall County Schools, and her husband works the midnight shift.

They have two children that attend Before-Care, so Mom can make it on time to do morning duty at her school, while Dad is finishing up the night shift. The mother commented that the program is really helpful on days that there are two hour delays because she still has to report on time for her school. One of the children is prescribed allergy shots that are $450.00 monthly and they are on a tight budget. The children enjoy the program so much that even on dad’s day off, they want to come to Before-Care.

Parent’s Comments:

‘The Before-Care program at Elm Grove Elementary, provided by Youth Services System, is invaluable to my family; not only does it allow me to get to work on time without worrying about finding a high priced private babysitter, but it provides a warm and safe environment for my children. I have two children that attend Before-Care four days a week for two hours a day. To most children, an extra two hours of school might be a nightmare, but not for my children. Those first two hours are their favorite. The main reason for this is Miss Linda and Miss Sonia. These two wonderful women open their hearts and make my children and all children feel welcomed and loved. They start our day with a smile and are always willing to help. Without this program and these women we would be lost. Before-Care has become something my children look forward to, and a service that is near and dear to my heart.'”

– Youth Services System