Community Success Stories A Well Needed Pit Stop

“There was a family that came to us to stay in our shelter. There was a mom pregnant with twins and 6 kids. They came to us by domestic violence, of course with that large of a family we had to move some individuals around and put them all in Dorm 4 to keep them together as a family. The children all went to local schools so we made sure they got to school, they stayed with us for close to two months, in that time we were working with other agencies to help her get bus tickets for her and her children to go to Colorado. Her father had passed away and left her a five bedroom house, a new car, and money in the bank to help pay the bills for up to 5 years. She and her family is living in Colorado and doing well. Sometimes God puts pit stops in your life to make you realize that he is always with us and never leaves us, even in our most dire times in our life. The Salvation Army helps thousands of people a year get back on their feet and find their way in life. When you give to The Salvation Army you are helping change a life.”

– Salvation Army of Wheeling