Community Success Stories A Single Dad Trying To Make Ends Meet

A man and his family arrived at our homeless shelter a month ago. The man is single and has 3 children. He lost his wife and the mother of his children due to a drug overdose a year ago. He was working at a local business, but they had to close and layoff their employees permanently. He received a small severance and gets unemployment, but he has been unable to keep up with his rent, so his landlord had to evict them. He like many other of the employees lost their jobs after working there for many years. He and his children were scared at first to stay in our homeless shelter but after he was given a tour of our facility, they saw that it is clean, and family orientated. Our staff helped them settle in and have had weekly meetings with him. He met with the Homelessness Prevention person, who uses an office in our building once a week to meet with our homeless residents. He currently has a part time job and has applied for a grant to go to truck driving school for his CDL. He is also looking at houses to rent and once one is found he can use Homelessness Prevention Funds to pay his first month’s rent and deposit.

-Salvation Army – Belmont County