Posted in News on April 25, 2016 Garden Stones make GREAT gifts!

From Russell Nesbitt Services, Inc.

Our “Peer Support” group will be crafting garden stones as a fundraiser for their program.  The “Peer Support” program was launched in 2010 and serves numerous clients wishing to share their life experiences with individuals who have similar issues.  Russell Nesbitt Services has continued the goal of expanding the services the agency provides to the community. The agency places a heavy emphasis in intensifying clinical services and focusing on fostering independence and developing natural supports.  Developing natural supports is a positive extension of our peer support program.  It seeks to assist consumers in developing relationships within the community that naturally support their growth versus having their needs met strictly by those who are paid to do so.  Natural supports offer our members intrinsic gratification in regards to relationships and independent living skills. the Peer Support program is essential because it enables an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability the opportunity to develop a network of support not commonly obtained from caregivers.   I have attached a flyer with images of what the garden stones look like and how to order one.  Please remember that these stones are completely crafted by individuals with disabilities that attend our program.

Click here to see some examples of the  Garden Stones