Posted in Blog on October 3, 2022 Volunteer Spotlight – David Rose

Written by Jess Rine – UW Executive Director

Fortunately for our community, good volunteers are not hard to come by.

Serving on a board of directors or as a committee member are great ways to volunteer your time, ideas and knowledge.  We have a great Board of Directors that is so supportive of the United Way and its mission.  I feel very fortunate.  We also have wonderful committee members that give amazing feedback and guidance.  They give us insight on what the general population wants and needs out of an organization like the United Way.  Positivity and energy are contagious and I certainly feed off of our volunteers. Thus the reason for this volunteer spotlight.

… And then there are volunteers that go above and beyond. People that see the mutually beneficial relationship of volunteering for a nonprofit organization and how it can be good for the volunteer personally and professionally as well.

David Rose Volunteering at Red White & Brew

David Rose Volunteering at Red White & Brew

You won’t find many volunteers like David Rose. David simply says “how can I help” and he will do whatever it takes. He’s been a great volunteer with United Way in the nearly six years that I have been here.   He has given some great insight and ideas. He and his wife Judy are donors of the United Way and many other organizations to the Ohio Valley, but beyond that David has helped raise thousands of dollars at the United Way.

Putting together a silent auction, gathering raffle prizes or finding donated door prizes can be a really heavy workload.

But when you have great volunteers like David Rose helping, he takes the majority of that workload off of our plate.  David not only to sells a lot of raffle tickets for Reverse Raffle and Night at the Races, but also secure gift cards from many area restaurants and stores as prizes. Anytime I thank him, he just responded with:

“I don’t mind at all. It’s fun for me. What’s next?”

David Rose at Night at the Races

David Rose at Night at the Races

David serves on our marketing and special events committee and he’s been on our allocation panels. He has also volunteered for Red White and Brew, Night at the Races, Oktoberfest and Chili Cookoff. Many nonprofit organizations are familiar with David because he attends many events in the community.  He loves volunteering for the Catholic Charities spaghetti dinner and sells me tickets for it every year.  David Rose is an “above and beyond” volunteer and this community is very lucky to have him in the volunteer spotlight!


Are you interested in volunteering for the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley?  Contact Jess Rine at [email protected].

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