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YWCA Wheeling

Contact Information:

Address: 1100 Chapline St
Wheeling, WV

Name of Programs Funded through UW:  YWCA WIND Program and YWCA Family Violence Prevention Program

Contact Name:  Lori Jones

Phone Number:  3041-232-0511



What is the YWCA?

The YWCA Wheeling is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

Since its inception, YWCA Wheeling, incorporated in 1906, has been housing women. The Wheeling location has been active since 1912.

YWCA is the premier organization for community change, women’s safety, and housing in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. Our efforts benefit the women, children, and men we meet directly. Also, create a base of knowledge and experience relied on by law enforcement, prosecutors, probation, and parole officer.

The YWCA Wheeling continues to grow our capacity and expand throughout the Ohio Valley. We strive to protect individuals and families and fill the service gaps in the Ohio Valley. Our organization has over 116 years of experience providing direct services to, collaborating with, and advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable people in our community. Our population includes the under-employed, unemployed, marginalized populations, people of color, English language learners, survivors of abuse, and individuals in recovery or homeless.

The YWCA is at the forefront of the most pressing social movements. We have cultivated programming to address the needs related to racial justice, civil rights, empowerment and economic advancement of women and girls, and the health and safety of women and girls in the Ohio Valley.

How does the United Way support the YWCA?

Women Inspired in New Directions (WIND) and the Family Violence Prevention Program (FVPP) support women and children’s health, education, and financial stability, seeking a new path and a brighter future.

The 6-month WIND Program assists women in recovery and re-entry to find their identity again through employment, parenting and life-skills classes, volunteering opportunities, and community engagement. In addition, all participants attend an intensive outpatient program to rebuild their lives.

The FVPP offers direct supportive services to victims of domestic violence in Ohio, Marshall, and Wetzel Counties. This program also provides an emergency safe shelter, 24-hour crisis hotline, court advocacy, support groups, monitored parent-child visitation, employability anger management for women, batterers intervention for men, transitional housing, and teen dating violence advocacy within Wheeling Park and John Marshall schools.

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