Agencies Y.W.C.A

1100 Chapline St., Wheeling, WV …304.232.0511
Family Violence Prevention Program & Shelter …304.242.2748
Or …800.698.1247
Provides women’s residence, Family Violence Prevention Program, Cultural Diversity & Community Outreach Program, and the Women’s
Clothing Boutique.

Community Success Stories

Check out the following Community Success Stories for examples of how Y.W.C.A has impacted our community.

“Drugs and alcohol became a solution to my fear.”

Fear has been a dominating factor throughout my life. My first fear was the fear of abandonment. My father was addicted to alcohol and left when I was four years old. My coping mechanism was sucking my thumb. There is nothing wrong with thumb-sucking as a toddler, but at eight years old, I still did it every day. My kindergarten teacher wanted to keep me back a year because of my thumb-sucking. It ...

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“My life has been affected by addiction.”

"My life has been affected by addiction. I am currently facing felony drug convictions. I am living without my children. I even get treated differently at the hospitals because I have substance use disorder. My mother has taken on the role of full-time grandma, and cares for my four children. My children are growing up without me right now, and don’t deserve to not have their mother around becau ...

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“My friend had a bad reaction to a syringe of heroin and died in the car…”

"I was 16 when I started smoking pot with my friends. It quickly escalated from pot to different drugs. I tried cocaine and didn’t like it, but pain pills and heroin (now there is a drug) were more my speed. Pain pills are easy to get without much trouble, heroin is a little harder (only a little) to get. So my drug of choice was heroin. The one thing that you don’t believe when you start i ...

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