Agencies Wheeling Health Right, Inc.

Wheeling Health Right

Contact Information:

Address: 61 29th St
Wheeling, WV

Name of Programs Funded through UW: Dental Clinic & our Brooke County Patients

Contact Name: Ann Ricci and Kathie Brown

Phone Number: 304-233-1135

Email: [email protected],  [email protected]


What is Wheeling Health Right?

Wheeling Health Right provides access to free comprehensive medical care, preventative care, and pharmaceuticals to the underserved. We embrace the philosophy that all are entitled to health maintenance and care. WHR serves those at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level, have no insurance, or are eligible for Medicaid, and reside in Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, and Tyler Counties in West Virginia and Belmont County, Ohio. WHR treats the whole person from a holistic perspective in an accurate managed care model. The clinic is now seeing children from age 4 to 18.

How does United Way support Wheeling Health Right?

United Way allocations help extend our reach and serve our patients in Belmont County, Ohio, and our dental clinic. The Dental Clinic was added in 2016, which serves hundreds of patients each year. Dental Care is vital to the health and welfare of everyone. Until a year ago, Medicaid paid $0 for dental care and now allots $1000 per Medicaid patient per year. Patients who have had little to no dental care since becoming an adult have extensive work needed, including complete mouth extractions, need for dentures or partials, and these services are costly.

Wheeling Health Right works in tandem with the Dean of WVU School of Dentistry to meet the needs of dental patients by providing dental students to provide treatment and extractions. Dental care provided at a free and charitable clinic improves the physical health and welfare of every patient served. It allows dentists and medical providers to work cohesively to treat our patients. United Way truly helps our organization as a whole. The average cost per visit per patient is $95. As the healthcare landscape changes and the economy is in constant flux, Wheeling Health Right remains the only source of healthcare to thousands of our friends and neighbors.

We offer COVID-19 vaccinations, COVID-19 Boosters and COVID-19 Testing Monday-Friday: 8:30am-3pm. You do not have to be a patient of Wheeling Health Right to take advantage of these services. Wheeling Health Right provides life-sustaining medication to our patients. Unfortunately, many of our patients must choose between food for their families and medications, and feeding their children comes first. Wheeling Health Right works closely with all other hospitals’ health and social service agencies in our community to ensure our patients receive the services they need.

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About the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley

The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley supports Ohio County, Tyler County, Marshall County, Wetzel County, Brooke County in West Virginia, and Belmont County and Monroe County in Ohio. Donating through your local United Way is the best way to reach the most people in need. 

The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley is an organization that supports nonprofit organizations in our area through annual campaigns, payroll deduction fundraising efforts, and individual donations. These community-minded people combine donations from employees and businesses alike to help assist those who need it most. The support from the annual campaign is then allocated to nonprofit programs through our volunteer allocations panels. We support 40 programs (and counting) in the upper Ohio Valley that tackle the toughest needs in the Ohio Valley. Consider giving to the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley today.

Community Success Stories

Check out the following Community Success Stories for examples of how Wheeling Health Right, Inc. has impacted our community.

Wheeling Health Right Dental Clinic Helps Woman Get Her Smile Back

We’re sharing success stories from UW member organizations that are demonstrating excellent care for our community members.    This one comes from Wheeling Health Right:   “A local cancer center called and asked if we could see one of their patients who was having major dental pain. She is receiving chemotherapy for Stage IV Lung Cancer and her teeth are preventing her from eating. Due ...

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Wheeling Health Right Helps Those in Recovery

G was a resident of the YWCA WIND program who was in recovery from drugs and was rebuilding her life. She came to the clinic as a new patient, and as many people who are in recovery from substance abuse do, needed significant health care – and oral health care. She had lost nearly all of her teeth from the methadone use, and the teeth remaining needed to be extracted. She then needed to heal and ...

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She’s All Smiles

Betty worked a full-time job most of her adult life until she got ill with major gastrointestinal issues. She eventually found herself on permanent disability support and without health insurance.  She found Wheeling Health Right and registered as a primary care patient for help with her prescriptions and general health management. Due to her stomach issues and lack of dental care for more than ...

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A New Smile

Holly is the mother of two who recently completed a recovery program and subsequent sober living program. She has regained custody of her children, secured permanent housing and got a job with the local division of a national distribution company. She is leading a healthy and productive life, but her methamphetamine abuse took a toll on her teeth and overall oral health. She wanted a smile to refl ...

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“I stopped going to the doctor because I couldn’t afford it.”

"When Bill, a recently elected city official turned 26, he aged out of his parents’ health insurance policy. He kept getting sick with multiple ailments. “It was one thing after another and bills started racking up so I stopped going to the doctor because I couldn’t afford it. I chalked it up to just getting older.” He eventually found himself with two abscessed teeth and a severe sinus in ...

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"Beth had health care coverage until she was 18 years old but lost coverage when she left her parents’ home. By the young age of 24 after receiving no preventive health care for several years, she was struggling with obesity, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and depression. Beth heard about Wheeling Health Right and skeptically called to inquire about services. Finding that she qual ...

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Dental Patience Inspires Growth

"Chuck has been a patient of the Wheeling Health Right dental clinic since its inception in fall 2016. Through the year, he has had most of his teeth extracted; yet in his early 50’s he is still a productive worker and wants to maintain his health and dental health. He signaled Wheeling Health Right’s new phase of dental need – after extraction, now restoring mouths with dentures and partial ...

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