Agencies Sexual Assault Help Center

PO Box 6764, Wheeling, WV …304.234.1783
A rape crisis center that provides direct victim services to children, youth, and adult victims and survivors of all types of sexual violence. Services include individual and group professional counseling; individual and group victim advocacy and support; crisis intervention; court, medical, and legal accompaniment; 24/7 crisis hotline; referrals; community awareness; and prevention education programs. All services are free.

Community Success Stories

Check out the following Community Success Stories for examples of how Sexual Assault Help Center has impacted our community.

“The survivor experienced horrific sexual trauma from an intimate partner, who had coerced and manipulated them into believing that the abuser loved them.”

The survivor appeared at a local hospital for a forensic medical examination late one evening. The survivor experienced horrific sexual trauma from an intimate partner, who had coerced and manipulated them into believing that the abuser loved them. The individual took all of the right steps. They didn’t shower, brush their teeth, change clothing, or use the restroom. All of the evidence was i ...

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Determined To Seek Justice

Two years ago the Sexual Assault Help Center received a referral for a mother whose daughter had been sexually assaulted just a few days prior. The woman was able to escape from her offender, an intimate partner, and seek safety with her extended family. She called law enforcement immediately to report the incident and they encouraged her to go to the local hospital for a sexual assault forensic e ...

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“Terrified that something was going to happen to her mother, the child never told a soul…”

MS was referred to SAHC by a Child Advocacy Center. She is the mother of a child victim of sexual abuse and the CAC encouraged MS to seek services for herself while moving through the process of healing with her daughter. Her daughter is a victim of sexual abuse by her step-father. The child was sexually abused for years by him but never reported it. He would make threats about killing her moth ...

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Upper Ohio Valley SAHC

AR is a victim of sexual assault by a coworker. Within 72 hours she obtained a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) by a local hospital where SAHC's hotline was called. Once the SAHC advocate arrived at the hospital AR was able to tell her story. AR was drugged, raped, and a victim of pornography. The offender beat her severely, photographed her body, and videoed himself raping her. Some of ...

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Consistent Support Base

"RS was a victim of familial rape when she was a teenager at the hands of her father and uncle. She had kept most of her past a secret from everyone she’d met and had experienced four decades of flashbacks, nightmares, and mental health issues from never having dealt with her trauma from the abuse. When the #MeToo movement came about, she ultimately decided that she would seek help and wanted so ...

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Advocate in Time of Need

"LM experienced many difficulties in her journey to healing and SAHC was there each step of the way. LM was sexually assaulted by a former romantic partner of hers during a college party. Her friends, upon hearing the news, immediately took her to the hospital to have a sexual assault forensic exam done. Unfortunately, the first two hospitals in the area she went to did not have a Sexual Assault N ...

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