Agencies Salvation Army, Belmont County Corps

315-37th St., Bellaire, OH …740.676.6225
Provides emergency shelter, food, clothing and household items/furniture. Assists with utility bills and rent. Provides holiday meals to shut-ins and Christmas assistance to those in need. Provides disaster assistance for victims and emergency responders; social and recreational programs for all age groups. Provides spiritual counseling.

Community Success Stories

Check out the following Community Success Stories for examples of how Salvation Army, Belmont County Corps has impacted our community.

“…She had been left to raise their four children, with no family that was able to help…”

The father of a two-parent family suddenly caught pneumonia. He just continued to get sicker and sicker and then passed away. He was the bread winner of the home and his wife did not work since high school. She had been left to raise their four children, with no family that was able to help. They arrived at our homeless shelter right after Thanksgiving and we had a room available for them to st ...

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A Single Dad Trying To Make Ends Meet

A man and his family arrived at our homeless shelter a month ago. The man is single and has 3 children. He lost his wife and the mother of his children due to a drug overdose a year ago. He was working at a local business, but they had to close and layoff their employees permanently. He received a small severance and gets unemployment, but he has been unable to keep up with his rent, so his landlo ...

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Giving The Gift Of Christmas

It was a wintery day and it was extremely cold outside. This was no kind of weather for a family of five to be homeless in and nowhere to go. They tried to stay with family members and friends but there was no room for them at their homes. They had tried homeless shelters around the area and still there was no room for them either. To complicate matters it was just before Christmas and the stress ...

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“Doing the Most Good”

"It was evening time and everyone was cleaning up from our shelter dinner. A phone call came in from the Marshall County Sheriff’s office asking us if we had a room for a single mom and her family. We told them yes we did. A few minutes later a deputy brought a very young mother and her two infant/toddler children through our door. We welcomed them all into our shelter as we always do. Complica ...

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