Agencies Information Helpline of the Upper Ohio Valley

1035 Chapline Street, Wheeling, WV … 304.233.6300

Informational Helpline is a social service agency located in downtown Wheeling, West Virginia that assists residents in Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, and Wetzel counties in West Virginia and Belmont and Monroe counties in Ohio. Each year, Information Helpline assists an average of 7,000 residents to locate the services they need for themselves and their families. Information Helpline works in close partnership with other community organizations to provide comprehensive services to its clients. Information Helpline assesses crisis needs and advocates on a client’s behalf to promote self-sufficiency.

Why is Charitable Giving So Important?

Generous donations have been an important part of American life for many years, with private citizens and businesses donating money to people in their communities. Although these communities may have changed over time, the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley remains a leader in community aid.

This sense of community drives not only the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley, but also our donors. Everyone who donates knows that their gift remains in the community and goes to programs designed to have the greatest impact. This sense of community and mutual assistance is at the heart of why charitable donations are so important.

What is the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley?

The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley supports Brooke County, Ohio County, Marshall County, Wetzel County and Tyler County in West Virginia, and Belmont County and Monroe County in Ohio. Donating through your local United Way is the best way to reach the most people in need.

The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley raises money through an annual campaign comprised of special events, employee payroll deduction campaigns and corporate partnerships. The support from the annual campaign combines donations from community-minded people and businesses that is then allocated out to nonprofit programs through our volunteer allocations panels. We support 40 programs (and counting) in the upper Ohio Valley that tackle the toughest needs in the Ohio Valley. Consider giving to the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley today.

Community Success Stories

Check out the following Community Success Stories for examples of how Information Helpline of the Upper Ohio Valley has impacted our community.

Easing a Heavy Burden

"The flu season in the winter of 2017-2018 was not just the usual nuisance, it was record breaking. Everywhere you looked, from the news to social media, it was filled with stories of how dangerous this flu season has been, causing several deaths. Most likely almost everyone you know had been knocked down by this year’s strain. Our local area was saddened by the sudden death of a six year old a ...

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