Agencies Brooke County Public Library

Brooke County Public Libraries

Contact Information:

Address: 945 Main St
Wellsburg, WV 26070

Name of Program Funded through United Way: Public Accessible Programs (Storyhours, movie showings, craft classes, and much more)

Contact Name: Alexandra Schneider

Phone Number: 304-737-1551



What is the Brooke County Public Library?

The Brooke County Public Libraries serve over 20,000 residents and residents in surrounding counties and states. Additionally, it is a community hub where individuals and families can come for personal and professional needs. Materials provided help bridge many existing divides and level the access to materials and programs to offer all socio-economic groups equal access.

Mission Statement

Transforming and enriching lives through access to information, services, and programming.

Vision Statement

Economic changes, demographic shifts, and technological advances impact library services. To provide quality programs, current collections, and expand library services, the Brooke County Public Library and Follansbee Branch will strive to do the following:

  • Networking with outside organizations to determine daily, weekly, and monthly community needs.
  • Subsequently, target the underserved populations with social service agencies and local organizations’ aid and supply special programming and resources.
  • Broaden outreach to homeschoolers, public educational systems, and local technical schools, colleges, and universities by all means.
  • Additionally, working to develop and provide training classes for job assistance focusing on computer classes and resume writing.
  • Simultaneously expand outreach services to seniors and the elderly based on feedback from our local Senior Center, Social Service Agencies, Civic Groups, and local organizations.
  • Likewise, select library resources, including all formats, that appeal to all age groups for reading, listening, and viewing.
  • Furthermore, provide the latest in technological applications for enhanced services to the general public
  • work with Board Members of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor Education Research Museum to sustain shared access to the main library location
  • search for capital improvement opportunities for the libraries

How does the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley support Brooke County Public Library?

United Way funds were predominantly used with additional funding sources to provide accessible programming for patrons of all ages at this time. Aside from a few specific programs, the funds from United Way support most programming for both library locations. For example, these programs range from story hour; instructional classes and their materials (craft, cooking, health awareness, etc.); and any items needed to accompany movie screenings, book talks, author visits, informational/educational seminars, computer classes (resume, job, & instruction help with devices), and all other Juvenile, Young Adult (YA), and Adult programming that goes on at the libraries.

Specifically, supplies were bought with the funding available. These ranged from craft items for adults/YA and story hours, snacks, exercise materials like bands for GeriFit, particular purchased books for specialized programming, make-it-take it tables supplies, movie supplies, and even things like a raffle basket give-a-ways to celebrate certain library programs/date celebrations such as WV Day/Library Card Sign-up/Library Week. Additionally, Storyhour programming twice a week at both locations is a heavy expense.

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About the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley

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