Agencies Brooke County Committee on Aging

948 Main Street, Follansbee, WV 26037 304.527.3410
Lunch Sites
Village of Windsor Heights Senior Center, 551 Windy Hill Rd., Windsor Heights, WV… 304.394.5575
Brooke County Senior Center, 948 Main Street, Follansbee, WV… 304.527.3410
Freedom Place, 3744 Main Street, Weirton, WV… 304.797.7572
Greater Weirton Senior Center, 3425 Main Street, Weirton, WV… 304.748.3490
Hancock House, 720 3rd Avenue, New Cumberland, WV… 304.564.3290
Provides comprehensive services to senior citizens including transportation, in-home services, nutritional meals – both congregate and home delivered – and recruits and places senior volunteers with various non-profit agencies.

Community Success Stories

Check out the following Community Success Stories for examples of how Brooke County Committee on Aging has impacted our community.

“She could no longer lift her arms to wash and comb her hair.”

Ms. B, I02 years old, lives alone in a senior high rise. She had someone coming twice a month to clean for her and paid her $50 each time for about 4 hours of cleaning per day. She received home delivered lunches from our nutrition program. The person she had cleaning has stopped coming, because she needed more hours of work and Ms. B could not afford it. We have our In­ Home Care Provider going ...

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“Thank you for finding her …”

"Ms. F, 96 years old, lived alone without neighbors close to her. We delivered meals to her five days per week plus frozen meals for the weekend. Her son lives three states away. When our driver arrived with her meal, she was not in her home but her dog was outside, which was unusual. After seeing her car in a detached garage with the car door open, the driver found Ms. F lying on the ground. She ...

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Nutrition is Key

"Ms. M, 89 years old, was a very active senior who worked a part-time job until she was 87. After being retired a few months, she became short of breath and was taken to the hospital where they found a large “saddle” blockage (blood clot) in the area that divides off into both lungs. She was hospitalized for several weeks and returned to her home. She lives close to family members who worked a ...

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