Agencies American Red Cross, Northwest West Virginia

Wheeling, WV Area 304.232.0711
Wetzel, Tyler, Marshall, Ohio, Brooke…… Disaster Relief # 304.485.7311
Provides assistance for disaster victims. Assists military families & veterans including counseling, emergency communication, and financial aid. Sponsors health and safety services. Coordinates volunteers and collects blood provided to area hospitals.

Community Success Stories

Check out the following Community Success Stories for examples of how American Red Cross, Northwest West Virginia has impacted our community.

When Agencies Come Together

On 12/18/2018, one building of the North Park Apartment complex caught fire, causing the evacuation of all residents.  American Red Cross was notified by 911 and several volunteers were on the scene, addressing immediate needs of clients’ safety and security while firefighters continued to work on extinguishing the fire. The fire department declared the building unsafe for resident immediate re ...

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“A client’s family home was slipping away from them inches at a time.”

In April 2018 a client's family home was slipping away from them inches at a time. The hillside where the house sits was sliding, and the foundation walls and basement floors were cracking. The house was deemed unsafe to live, but there was no one who could assist the family in moving out of the home. The insurance company stated that this type of damage or threat was not covered on the home. The ...

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When Insurance Doesn’t Cover The Costs

On a cold December 2018 morning, we received a call that a family's home caught fire and the family needed assistance. DAT (Disaster Action Team - a group of volunteers on call 24 hours a day) responded and met with the family. The head of household, at first, was not willing to accept the assistance as he felt embarrassed. Then he realized that assistance was needed more than he imagined after le ...

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Fire Rescue

"A single mother and her two young little girls were displaced from their Brooke County home due to a fire. The clients had a place to stay with grandparents. But the affected family had other immediate needs and were issued financial assistance to assist with those needs. The family was provided  comfort hygiene kits (to save from having to use assistance money for these items). The children wer ...

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Flooding Devastation

"When severe flooding began to impact areas of Northern West Virginia in July of 2017, American Red Cross volunteers did what they were trained to do – respond to the needs of those in near hopeless situations. Through two back to back weekends of rain deluge, those affected in six Northern West Virginia counties were given safe shelter, food and assistance to aid their recovery. One case had a ...

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